Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hello peps, first of all, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir & Batin to all that will be celebrating tomorrow.. Have fun and selamat balik kampung too... Make sure to scoff down those lemang, ketupat and rendang..

Again and again, thank you ever soo much for all of the support.. and since I'm away for Raya in Kuching, everything from the previous sale post shall be posted and meet-ups shall be done starting on the 7th of October (Yeay!) And thanks to all of you that made prompt payments.
As I'm here in Kuching, a thrifting and vintage hunt was of course, needed to be done a.s.a.p (as there are a ton of vintage & antique finds here, with lots of old shops), and yes, major vintage treasures were uncovered, ready to be put on sale here on The Old Blossom Box Store,once Im back. And, expect more kitsch items on sale soon. Not just that, since I had more free time to sew, more clutches & home made goodies will be coming your way too.. all very kitschy...
Love, love,
The Store Owner.


sicko_princess said...

hi jazmine,
i happened to just know u and about ur business from the newspaper,and when i check ur blog,i was like : omg....all i see is absolutely gorgeous,and sadly all sold,i love all the belt find,very classy ;),i love everything tho.....did u sew all the clothes urself....selamat hari raya

Anonymous said...

Hye Jezmine, i noticed ur blog from newspaper recently. this morning i opne ang wwwooowww... it shalterred!! really really beautiful! I love dress and beg. May i make a booking for Isaac Mizrahi Jacket?

Warm regards,
Nur Haidar

ied-chan said...

Hi there..omg Jezmine..i love vintage..i'm really into vintage right shoes..even photoshopping..

i've been browsing ur page for an hours..seems dat all the cute old school stuff had been sold..*sad*

i'll come again tomorrow..hoping dat u'll update...

nee...tata... by da way, happy eid!