Friday, October 17, 2008


Dearies, pretty please state name of order & your name
when you SMS me, thank you soo much hunnies!

~ The Mini Mouse Affair Collection ~

~ A Pop Of Colour Collection ~

~ The Print Express Collection ~

Hey Lovies, I wanted to post more preview pics, but my thumb drive went a bit nuts. Neways, those are the three themed collection, that will include shirts, dresses & skirts (a little something for everyone!) But, dont forget, vintage belts & bag too... And if I have time, I'll throw in a couple of vintage scarfs up for grabs.
Please remember dear, all items are 'the one & only', no chance of bumping someone else on the streets wearing the same item. And ofcourse, all under RM50! Chiffon vintage blouses & skirts, all at RM35. And belts, not more than RM25...
And do remember girls, The Old Blossom Box Store is '...not for the girl who wants to be just like everyone else. But, it's for the girl everyone else wants to be just like...'
Love, The Store's Owner.