Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hi there Vintage Lovers,
Again, thank you soo much for the overwhelming support from everyone... And for those that keeps coming back to The Store, I truly appreciate that. I'll even do a 'customers appreciation day' one of these days.. I'm really sorry to those that has made payments, but I can only post out tomorrow, as I'm down with a flu and staying in bed at home.. So, I'm very sorry for the late delivery and delay. As for this weekend, I'll be going away with a friend to source more vintage goodies for you guys.. I'll be on a bus and away.. Ha..ha.. I hope the trip goes well, and that I'm all well by then. So dearies, Happy Shopping! Much, much love from The Store's Owner.

P.S/ Much love and thanks to Kak Siti of Berita Harian/Berita Minggu for featuring me, and The Old Blossom Box Store in the newspaper last Sunday.


Carole said...

Hope you're feeling much better babes ;)

mint said...

im mint
- sedih taw...tak dapat grab some goodies..mostly sold out!!! just like pumpkins! huhuhu..-


carole: thanks soo much love!

mint:im soo sori dear, the girls are pretty fast, even im in shock.. ha..ha.. leave me ur mobile no. so that i can alert u when there's an update..

Nicole Then said...

more more!


dear, did u get the gifts i sent u?