Friday, August 29, 2008


Vintage Lovers,
Gosh, I can't wait for next week's goodies! And as for the 'trip' I guess I will have to put that on hold, coz I still feel a bit under the weather. But not to fret, I managed to score some great goodies for the store that shall be up by Sunday night (if all goes well!) And as for tomorrow, Yeay!, The Old Blossom Box will be having a photoshoot, with the uber talented photographer Idan, and Project Runway Malaysia's model, Eryna. So, picnic in the sun with fun fashion moments.
What's new in store next week? More bags, dresses galore, vintage jackets & vintage-inspired jackets, vintage scarfs, and all those little things that makes dressing up more fun, such as old-skool pins, oversized daisy headbands and cute little scarfs. Little touches that brings a long way... So stay tuned girls, as we head back to the good old days for a unique and quirkier take on fashion..
Much, much love and sloppy kisses, The Store's Owner.


P.S/ I now have a subscription box, so do do drop your e-mails in there for instant updates dearies, all thanks to Shasha of ! (Thank you love! That was a big big help!)

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